How to drink more water: tips to hydrate more and better

How to drink more water: tips to hydrate more and better

Do you struggle every day to be able to drink the recommended amount of water? Don’t worry: Tipsforwomens helps you discover how to drink more water every day, starting with knowing how important water is for our body.

Trick and awareness. The secrets to drinking lots of water can help you stay hydrated not only in winter, when the perception of thirst is certainly less, but also in summer, when the risks of dehydration can lead to rather unpleasant consequences.

Drinking in the right quantities, at different times of the day and preferring water to any other drink must, in essence, become recurring and carefree habits. Here’s how.

How to drink more water: a routine for wellness and health

Hydration is essential, not only for weight loss (if you’re on a diet) but above all for the general health of your body. Drinking at least a liter and a half of water a day makes your body work in the best way.

And not only in the summer, when introducing liquids is a more evident need, but throughout the year, especially in winter. That’s why, among the good resolutions, there is that of learning to drink, during or away from meals.

Water is a very important element for the body, because it ensures that many essential functions take place correctly.

  • Regulates body temperature.
  • It lubricates the tissues of the lungs, eyes, skin.
  • Facilitates digestive processes, promoting the absorption of nutrients.
  • Stimulates diuresis and therefore the elimination of liquids and waste substances.

Why is drinking more water good for you?

Always maintaining proper hydration, drinking at least 1.5 liters (even 2) of water a day, is essential. First of all for your health, because if you don’t drink enough, all your activities, both physical and mental, are compromised: you are less lucid, less reactive, more prone to weakness, irritability, cramps.

And if the loss of fluids is substantial, you can also risk serious side effects, such as an increase in body temperature, heat strokes, a slowdown in intestinal function and, therefore, in the absorption of nutrients. In short, you would face dehydration, more or less critical.

But water is also important for your diet, because drinking it regularly helps you feel fuller and helps keep swelling, water retention and cellulite away. We can say that drinking water helps you lose weight, or rather, helps you to do it.

Yet even if you know how important it is to drink, you often don’t. Because you forget, because you don’t like it, because you don’t like water. So many reasons, all weak and essentially wrong.

After figuring out how much water to drink a day, for your condition and your state of health, Tipsforwomens offers you 5 easy tips to learn how to do it more often, better and without everything becoming a “burden”. Seeing is believing!

How to drink more water: 5 simple tips to follow

1 – Drink still water and find your everyday life to do it (even before breakfast)

Avoiding buying only sparkling water, which often swells the belly, the ideal would be to drink a liter and a half or two still water a day. For safety and routine, even if you don’t feel thirsty, get used to drinking a couple of glasses in the morning, before having breakfast. It’s an excellent help against constipation and removes that unpleasant feeling of mixed mouth.

At lunch, drink the bare essentials, while getting into the habit of always having a half-litre bottle or an equivalent bottle with you, convenient to carry around and to drink regularly.

Whenever someone offers you a coffee at the café, remember to ask for a glass of water.

Even before going to bed, drink a glass of water. It will help your body sleep and avoid annoying awakenings to drink, in fact.

In short, drinking water must become one of your main thoughts. Also try alternating simple tap or mineral water with flavored or detox water, purifying and antioxidant at the same time.

2 – Drink tea to hydrate yourself: it’s healthy and tasty all year round

If you really can’t bear to drink only water all the time, there are a series of drinks that you can enjoy, non-caloric (if consumed without adding sugar) and with excellent and varied properties.

Tea is a drink that you can drink hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Try green tea or matcha for example, with excellent antioxidant properties.

If you want to experiment a bit and spice up your tea, try Tipsforwomens’s recipe for black tea with cinnamon and vanilla.

There are hundreds of types and flavors of tea on the market that can satisfy any palate… even yours. But remember not to add sugar!

3 – Green light to herbal teas, after meals and as healthy “snacks”.

A tasty alternative to water are herbal teas – especially popular in winter.

If you prefer, rely on ready-made preparations; choose one of the hundreds of herbal teas that exist and that can give you relaxation, promote digestion, help you deflate the abdomen or drain liquids.

For example, to combat cellulite, you must prefer those containing horsetail and nettle, which have a draining effect. While herbal teas that contain fennel help you digest.

4 – Citrus juices and centrifuges: to fill up on water and vitamins

Certainly the healthiest and most vitamin-rich drinks you can choose are a fruit and vegetable smoothie and a citrus juice.

In addition to homemade preparations, almost all bars are now equipped to prepare the most varied combinations, which you can choose instead of packaged fruit juice.

Even during the lunch break, get used to accompanying your sandwich with a centrifuge or with orange or grapefruit juice.

Your body will thank you, giving you more beautiful skin and new energy that you didn’t feel before!

5 – Let “progress” help you: always keep a water bottle with you

Always having a water bottle with you – in your bag, on your desk, when you play sports – is undoubtedly the easiest trick to not forget to drink.

Environmentally friendly, long-lasting and able to maintain the temperature of liquids even for an entire day. There are also some water bottles that report the times you should drink and even remind you to do it with a light signal that activates after a while that you haven’t drunk. Like having a coach next to you who occasionally “calls you to order” if you don’t drink enough!

But many people, you know, don’t like water. It’s true that for many it has no taste and, precisely this, can represent an obstacle that doesn’t make you want to drink, because water doesn’t give a pleasant sensation on the palate.

Here too we are met by “intelligent” bottles, those with fruit infusers, designed to release the flavor and aroma of fruit into the water.

They are a great idea to add a pinch of flavor to the water and thus make it more pleasant to sip. The new frontier of hydration, intuitive and convenient.