How to lose weight: allowed foods and foods to avoid, example of a weekly menu and the nutritionist’s tricks

How to lose weight: allowed foods and foods to avoid, example of a weekly menu and the nutritionist's tricks

How to lose weight and be able to reach your ideal weight? If you’ve made the decision and have the right motivation, here are some tips to do it now. And in the right way!

Forget fast diets, those that promise you miraculous weight loss in a short time. They are almost always overly punitive and risky to your health, and often cause you to regain all the weight you lost as soon as you stop them.

Do you want to know how to lose weight in a healthy but effective way and above all without physical and mental stress? To lose weight properly you need to follow a healthy and balanced diet from the point of view of nutrients. Only in this way will it be easier for you to maintain your ideal weight in the long term. And above all, it will help you not regain the lost pounds once the diet is over. How to do? Find out which foods are allowed and which ones to avoid and an example of a menu.

We have collected for you the 10 weight loss tips from the Tipsforwomens nutritionist, suggestions that will make your weight loss journey even easier. Many right methods to lose weight, starting with everyday behavior.

How to lose weight: the nutritionist’s 10 tricks

1 – Choose an effective diet, right for you

Following a diet requires motivation and commitment. This is why choosing the right weight loss diet for you is the first requirement for success. An effective diet only and exclusively for you.

A personalized diet, i.e. based on:

  • Lifestyle.
  • Physique.
  • Weight.
  • Age.
  • Calorie requirement.
  • Food preferences.

It’s effective because it’s tailored exactly to your needs. In addition, a diet tailored to your needs is easier, because it will never be excessively restrictive, so it won’t push you to overdo it.

This is the Tipsforwomens diet – elaborated with the scientific advice of SISA, the Italian Society of Food Science – which makes you lose weight simply by eating healthier, based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

2 – Eat slowly

Do you feel hungry, do you eat quickly and do you often fill your plate twice, not respecting the portions indicated by the diet?

First of all, take a minute’s break and listen to yourself, trying to figure out if the feeling of hunger is real or if it’s not a more psychological impulse than a bodily one.

Then slow down: your body doesn’t immediately register the feeling of satiety and needs more time.

It would be preferable to eat until you feel satisfied and not overstuffed. In this, choosing nutritious and more filling foods also helps a lot: you’ll see that following these two simple tips will already help you reduce the quantities you put on your plate a lot.

3 – Those who go slowly go safely and far

One of the best tricks to lose weight is to lose weight gradually, no more than a kilo a week. The nutritionist advises you to lose between 0.5 and 1 kilo every seven days, as happens with the Tipsforwomens diet.

So you don’t subject your body to unnecessary stress and you don’t have to suffer the pains of hell with impossible sacrifices and sacrifices. Above all, you will say goodbye to the dreaded yo-yo effect, ie that dangerous weight swing that leads you to lose many kilos with very privative diets and to regain them immediately afterwards, in a swing that is not good for your health.

Losing weight gradually means reducing the risk of regaining all the lost pounds as soon as the diet is stopped.

Find out how to lose weight quickly: tips and mistakes to avoid.

4 – Don’t be a slave to the balance

When you’re on a diet, the scale can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

It depends on how you use it. Are you obsessed with tracking your progress and weighing yourself every morning ready to catch every tiny swing in your weight? This type of attitude is absolutely not recommended by the nutritionist, because weight variations are very normal and often linked to physiological conditions, such as the cycle for example.

If one morning you weigh a little more it doesn’t mean that the diet isn’t working, so don’t weigh yourself every day because your morale could be unnecessarily affected!

The ideal is to step on the scale once a week, preferably in the morning, as the Tipsforwomens diet also recommends.

5 – The importance of breakfast

An often underestimated meal, breakfast is instead essential to correctly distribute the caloric intake throughout the day.

In fact, it provides you with 20-30% of the energy you need to face your daily commitments and avoids the risk of arriving hungry like a wolf for lunch.

What you choose to eat is equally important: milk or derivatives, to modulate the sense of satiety and the glycemic index of the meal, combined with cereals and fruit, which provide you with the right amount of sugars, carbohydrates and fibres.

6 – Drink more water, one of the methods to lose weight

How many times have you heard how important it is to drink!

Water is an essential element for the correct functioning of your body, because it is essential for all physiological processes to take place.

But did you know that it also helps you lose weight? Yes, because water increases gastric volume and induces an immediate sense of fullness, so by drinking we tend to feel full sooner.

7 – What to eat to lose weight?

One of the best tips for losing weight is to eat a little bit of everything.

You don’t have to give up bread and pasta, which are erroneously demonized, and sometimes you can even treat yourself to dessert, as long as everything is managed in moderation.

Very often it is thought that the so-called “forbidden foods” are at the origin of the extra kilos or the lack of weight loss. But forbidden foods don’t exist: the truth is that what makes you fat are excesses or an intake of nutrients and calories that exceed your daily requirement.

For example, if you decide to have dessert at dinner, maybe avoid the bread or if you prefer to drink a glass of red wine then skip the dessert, to balance the calories throughout the day.

Just make small changes: we at Tipsforwomens always say that diet is a path of food education that teaches you to eat everything but with balance.

8 – Use your imagination in the kitchen

Cooking at home is the key to controlling what you put on your plate because you choose all the ingredients and seasonings.

The nutritionist reminds you that cooking is the key to a healthier and more complete diet, because it allows you to vary the choice of dishes, the ways of proposing them, stimulates the imagination and the desire to experiment with new foods, eliminating boredom at the table and the temptation to give up the diet.

So don’t be discouraged, there are many very simple dishes to cook and with Tipsforwomens you can forget the “I’m not capable” because all the recipes proposed are quick and easy to prepare, but always tasty.

9 – The power of snacks

Many people are unable to follow a diet because they arrive at the table too hungry and this prevents them from controlling themselves.

Want to know how to lose weight without going hungry? Always eat snacks to break hunger.

A piece of fruit, a yoghurt, a brioche or a slice of homemade dessert (obviously light as the Tipsforwomens recipes teach), some raw vegetables to nibble on…

Eating 3 snacks a day will ease the sense of languor between main meals and will allow you to respect the quantities foreseen for lunch and dinner.

10 – To lose weight, transform your diet into a lifestyle: no to quick weight loss diets!

The meaning of the word diet is “way of life”.

This means that in order to lose weight in a balanced way and maintain the results achieved, healthy eating must become a habit that keeps you company every day, for life, and not a temporary sacrifice regimen to be abandoned as soon as you reach your ideal weight.

Only in this way, that is by including all the food groups in your daily diet and combining them according to the indications of the food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet, will you be able to maintain your figure.

For all these reasons, avoid fast weight loss diets: they can never become your food lifestyle, as well as being a bad way to lose weight.

Tipsforwomens is based on these principles and provides:

  • 5 portions of fruit and vegetables.
  • Carbohydrates at each meal (satisfy about one third of an adult’s daily energy requirement).
  • Meat no more than twice a week, fish, eggs and sweets too.
  • A small delicacy, as long as it is light and consumed in moderation, which gratifies you and motivates you to go forward with grit and conviction.

Do you still have doubts about how to lose weight in a balanced and very effective way? Follow Tipsforwomens’s diet: getting back in shape has never been easier!

Weight loss diet: definition and goals

A slimming diet is nothing more than a food plan aimed at making the person who follows it lose weight. For this reason it must necessarily be low-calorie, i.e. with a reduced kcal content compared to the daily requirement of the individual.

Calorie restriction in a slimming context is therefore subjective. And the calories will be more or less for each person, but not only. A healthy slimming diet must also be varied and balanced.

Each of us has different metabolic and nutritional needs depending on age, gender and lifestyle. That’s why we always recommend consulting a nutrition professional. Only with a diet customized to you and your specific needs will you be able to achieve optimal results and regain your ideal weight correctly.

Why decide to start a slimming diet?

Obesity is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but also the…