Michelle Hunziker and Elisabetta Gregoraci in bikini on Instagram: the revenge of the 40-year-old

Elisabetta Gregoraci e Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker and Elisabetta Gregoraci leave in breath in costume and share the same secret of their perfect physical shape

Michelle Hunziker and Elisabetta Gregoraci delight their fans by showing off perfect bikinis on Instagram. Well what do the two have in common, besides statuary bodies? Both have blown out 40 candles and have nothing to envy to the 20 year olds.

In fact, the blonde Michelle, to be precise, is 43 years old, in fact she was born in 1977, while the beautiful Eli touched the threshold of forty in this 2020. And so the Hunziker sports a fancy yellow bikini while, immortalized on Instagram, he dives from the boat: flat stomach, tonic legs and arms are standard. Not to mention the two red and white striped pieces, a marvel.

While Gregoraci, smiling poolside, reveals steel abs and an impeccable silhouette, to the delight of the many followers who can't resist complimenting themselves on Instagram: "You are a rock🤩🤩🤩 to be envied in the twenties !! ". It is so perfect that someone doubts its perfection: "You are nice to me .. even if I doubt these perfect photos are just naturally perfect".

Yet Elizabeth revealed the secret of her form. She always follows Michelle Hunziker's training schedule. Therefore, the two have much more in common than their age. Their sculpted physique would be the result of constant work that evidently gives excellent results, as Gregoraci herself explains to Gente: “I also did a little bit of sport and I continue also in this period: I walk for 50 minutes, going up and down outdoors, close to home, and I was passionate about the training sessions I follow on Instagram: those of Michelle Hunziker and an American personal trainer, for example, I really like them and they stimulate me to move. "

To benefit from Michelle's training is also her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti who in bikini is a crash. And if someone still thinks she is pregnant, the costume selfie leaves no room for doubt.

The ranks of celebrities at the sea are getting longer in the meantime. If Caterina Balivo enchants with two pieces, Simona Ventura shows off her 55 years in a wonderful way.

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Michelle Hunziker

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Michelle Hunziker – Source: Instagram

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