The most beautiful travel bags of the moment are the shoppers! Choose from these

The most beautiful travel bags of the moment are the shoppers!  Choose from these

Leaving is always wonderful. We could do it at any time only with the mind, after all it is free, but it is not quite the same thing. Let’s find out which travel bags to choose for comfort and glamor on our royal travels.

Matching with the suitcase set or totally different to bring out the latest signature and model (usually shopper). Travel bags are the protagonists of souvenir shots in the boarding area and Instagram posts that are full of likes.

Travel bags signed 2-5-22.

Source: Canva.

With the prices of luxury brands in continuous growth (just think that a small Chanel 2.55 cost, in 2015, 3350 euros and today it is on sale at 6050 euros) it is difficult to buy a super designer shopper and use it for the beach or as a bag. for travel. Influencers and those who can afford it do and we like them terribly. How to copy them?

Travel bags to stand out even at the airport. Here are which ones to choose in spring

Dior proposes the Book Tote medium bag with white and blue embroidery at 2600 euros. Without a doubt it is among the most photographed and seen last summer and we still like it because even in the afternoons in the city it can be worn with jeans and a shirt, with a shirt dress.

Dior 2-5-22 colored bag.

Source: Pinterest.

Shiny purple leather and gold-effect metal for the new 2022 bag by Chanel (4900 euros) are irresistible but even thinking about a site like Vestiaire Collective can be an interesting idea. Here you will find the Deauville in hand-made pink canvas (3950 euros) which, with suitcases in lighter shades, will create a perfect harmony. Very roomy and resistant, to be used all summer.

Prada trolley bag 2-5-22.

Source: Pinterest.

Valentino has created (just a more accessible budget, 980 euros) the small shopping bag in canvas with VLTN print in black on a cream base and pointed golden metallic finishes reminiscent of the Rockstud line. Excellent for classic and minimal outfits and suitcases, it is large enough to contain everything you need for the trip.

With yellow and blue in the accessories there are also deeper messages but with a shopper bag to be placed on top of the suitcase, carefree and desire to leave emanates, nothing more. And it’s so beautiful!

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