Why are hairdressers closed on Mondays? Mariuccia’s sad story reveals it to us

Have you ever wondered why hairdressers and barbers have chosen Monday as their closing day? The motivation is related to the sad story of a young woman

Hair is the mirror of our personality, which is why we love to take care of it every day with always different hairstyles and styles. That’s why we love to be pampered by the expert hands of experts in those moments, which are only ours, in the name of relaxation.

Luckily there are beauty salons and hairdressers that for us women are transformed into welcoming and regenerating places where we can relax, with body and mind, and even make ourselves more beautiful. Of course, between the chaos and the disorder of the days it is sometimes really difficult to fit that weekly or monthly appointment that is a must.

Never on Mondays, though. We know very well, in fact, that that is the only day of the week when most of the beauty salons and hairdressers are closed. After all, they have the right to take a well-deserved rest after they have taken care of us and our hair. But have you ever wondered why Monday was chosen as the closing day? We will reveal it to you.

Once upon a time there was Mariuccia

Apparently, in fact, it is no coincidence that hairdressers have chosen Monday as their weekly rest day. The motivation has its origins several centuries ago and is linked to the sad fate of a woman named Mariuccia.

The history, linked to the city of Florence, has been handed down for generations like an urban legend. The author Ippolita Douglas Scotti also talked about this story in her book 101 because on the history of Florence and Luigi Prunetti and Roberto Pinotti in the magical-unusual street of Florence.

It was 1794 when a young Neapolitan prostitute living in Florence was found lifeless near the Boboli Gardens with her throat cut by a razor. It was a hot and sunny day in June and the citizens of the Florentine capital were shaken by the news of the heinous murder.

Mariuccia, of Neapolitan origins, had moved to Florence to find luck, even if that never arrived. Immediately after her death, which presumably occurred in broad daylight, the authorities began to investigate without finding any evidence or alleged culprits.

Many questions to Mariuccia’s neighbors and regulars: no one seemed to have seen anything. The turning point in the investigation came when the police, during a patrol in the market, found a tulle skirt on a stall that the woman habitually used. The merchant told of having bought it for little money from Antonio di Vittorio Giani, a young man of 22 who worked as a barber in Via Romana.

Questioned by the police, the young man confessed to being the culprit in the murder of the young Mariuccia. He admitted that he killed her out of jealousy.

Why are hairdressers closed on Mondays?

The culprit was thus identified and sentenced to death. On Monday 11 June, Antonio di Vittorio Giani was taken to a square full of people for the execution. Also witnessing the hanging were all the colleagues in the city who symbolically chose to leave their shops closed all day.

From that moment on, every Monday, hairdressers and barbers chose to keep the shutters of their shops down every Monday.

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